Everything Experts Knew About Stonehenge is Changing

Was Stonehenge a burial site, a calendar, or a place of ritual? You may have thought experts had discovered everything about mysterious Stonehenge. Oh, how wrong they were! Stonehenge still has secrets to reveal. Two upcoming events showcase the new discoveries being made at the iconic site of Stonehenge and shine a spotlight on how … More Everything Experts Knew About Stonehenge is Changing

First Came BBQ

Originally posted on Archaeology Now:
Just in time for the holiday feasting season, learn about the discovery of an ancient pit and the experimental archaeological project that followed to recreate a Neolithic feast. Could our feasts be the result of one of humankind’s greatest inventions? Few things define us as humans as does the food…

Make No Bones About It

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT “My research interests are stabbing and dismemberment.” That statement is guaranteed to grab one’s attention! Sarah Hainsworth, our speaker on Tuesday, April 21 at the talk “Richard III Rediscovered,” discusses her role on investigative team from the University of Leicester: My work helps criminal prosecutions by identifying which implements or … More Make No Bones About It

“On the Trail” Children’s Heritage Excursion

Just in time for the rodeo, little cowboys and cowgirls can learn how the American cowboy shares ways of life with the Bedouin and the Native American. These nomadic cultures are featured when the Archaeological Institute of America, Houston, presents a “Children’s Heritage Excursion” on Feb. 28 and March 1, 2015 at the Houston Museum … More “On the Trail” Children’s Heritage Excursion

Silk Route Recap

Many of the ethnicities that lived along the Silk Route make their home today in the amazingly diverse city of Houston. A few weeks ago, as a compliment to our talk focused on the Silk Routes, 54 people climbed aboard a bus that took them to sites in Houston connected to faiths and cultures of the … More Silk Route Recap

Murder on the Nile?

There is nothing in the ancient world that so transfixes us in the modern world as Egypt and particularly King Tut. I just visited the King Tut exhibit at the MFAH, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Room after room of magnificence and fascination. And the museum doesn’t shy away from the fact that Tut was a … More Murder on the Nile?