DISCOVER: Religion and the Punic Wars with Dr. Patrick Hunt

“God has given to man no sharper spur to victory than contempt of death.” – Hannibal (Carthaginian leader)

Join us Friday, Feb 9, 2018

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Christ Church Cathedral, 1117 Texas St. Houston (Sanders Hall)

*Free parking in the garage across from the Cathedral on San Jacinto St.

Speaker; Dr. Patrick Hunt

Cosponsored by Christ Church Cathedral, the Italian Cultural and Community Center and the Houston Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Epic poems and lofty odes describe ancient warfare as principally a contest between heroic warriors wielding mighty weapons.  Then, as now, though, the true heart of war is a clash of cultures and the most dangerous weapons are often the icons of the warring cultures themselves. In Hannibal, his new biography of the famed Carthaginian general, Dr. Patrick Hunt explores, among other topics, the ways in which both Rome and Carthage used the rhetoric of religion to motivate their competing war efforts.

Patrick N. Hunt, archaeologist and historian teaches humanities, archeology, and mythology at Stanford University. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in London, Hunt has been featured on TV documentaries, including National Geographic Explorer, Nova, and the Discovery Channel. He is also a National Geographic Expeditions expert. Articles about his Hannibal research have appeared in National Geographic; Archaeology Magazine, and Earth magazines. Dr. Hunt has authored Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History, and When Empires Clash: Twelve Great Battles in Antiquity. He has walked every major Hannibal battlefield and tracked Hannibal from Carthage through Spain, France, Italy, and Turkey.