A tale of snakes and birds: Göbekli Tepe, Pillar 56.

A great little article about the subject of our upcoming lecture, “Solving the Mystery of Göbekli Tepe: the Oldest Temple on Earth?” on Thurs Feb 9 at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas. Lecturer is acclaimed professor Mehmet Ozdogan with the Istanbul University. Lecture sponsored by the Turkish Consulate, Houston.

The Tepe Telegrams

Since we get lots of questions regarding Göbekli Tepe’s pillars and their depictions, we will try to post short descriptions here. This time it’s Pillar 56 in Enclosure H. 

Pillar 56 stands in the eastern circular wall of Enclosure H, located in the nortwestern depression of the tell. The pillar is excavated to a height of 2,15 m, its shaft is 0,94 m wide, the head measures 1,55 m. The southwestern broadside of this pillar is completely covered with reliefs. A total of 55 animals are depicted so closely packed, that the outline of one merges with the contour of the next image. Many depictions are reduced to silhouettes, it is hard to exactly determine which animal species is depicted for every example without fail.

beitrag-gobekli-tepe_abb-10 Pillar 56 in Enclosure H. (Photos & drawing: N. Becker, DAI)

In the upper part a group of ducks is portrayed, followed by snakes and number of quadruped animals…

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