Mythological Beasts Lecture With Dr. Adrienne Mayor ~ Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Society of the Archaeological Institute of America is proud to present another lecture in our current season “Secrets, Myths & Mysteries 2016-17 Season”


The KPMG Lecture

Dr. Adrienne Mayor
Stanford University

How could dragons—imaginary animals—exist in cultures all over the world? For millennia, storytellers have recounted tales about mysterious creatures, but the vivid human imagination is only part of the story. Accounts from classical Greece, Europe, North America, and China tell of physical evidence taken as proof that fabulous beasts once really existed. Explore puzzling natural evidence that led people to believe in dragons, griffins, and other fantastic creatures. Did ancient discoveries of dinosaur fossils play a role?

After her talk, Dr. Mayor will sign copies of her book The First Fossil Hunters: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Myth in Greek and Roman Times

Co-sponsored by Houston Museum of Natural Science

Presented in conjunction with Cabinet of Curiosities exhibit.

Admission:  HMNS and AIA Member – $12.00
General Admission – $18.00
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Image: Phakphoom Iemsaard
Image: Phakphoom Iemsaard