Modern Political Parody – 25 Centuries Ago

Nothing’s changed in politics?

You may think we’re experiencing a crazy political season today but in the world of ancient Athens, citizens were just as tired of the shenanigans of politicians as they are today.  

By the time that Aristophanes, began to produce some of the greatest Greek comedies, the idea of democracy had already begun to sour for the Athenians. The people were increasingly demoralized by the ongoing conflicts of the Peloponnesian War and the loss of their greatest hero, Pericles, who had been taken from them and replaced by unscrupulous politicians such as Cleon and Hyperbolus. It is little wonder, therefore, that for Aristophanes, laughter is tinged, even from the beginning, with tones of apprehension and grief. Does all of this sound familiar?

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The Archaeological Institute, Houston and the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest have teamed up with the Classical Theatre Company and Prof. Harvey Yunis from Rice University to offer a special performance of “The Birds.” This production is especially timely during this election season.

In this play, birds set themselves up to be gods of men. Zany hilarity ensues. You’re sure to spot your favorite (or detested!) politicians and recognize some locales. Some modern critics have called “The Birds” a perfectly realized fantasy, remarkable for its mimicry of birds and the gaiety of its songs.

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Join us on April 23 for a visit to “Cloud Cuckoo Land” and enjoy an afternoon of romping political fun and satire. Prior to the performance, a short talk by Prof. Harvey Yunis will introduce the world of Greek theater. Following the performance, enjoy a reception of Greek food and dance.

This performance benefits the educational outreach of the Archaeological Institute and the Hellenic Cultural Center.

TICKETS : $30 for members and $35 for the general public

TO OBTAIN TICKETS, PLEASE CALL: AIA – 713.364.6344 or HCCSW – 713-468-6531

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