Welcome to the AIA 2014/2015 Series!

Hello, AIA friends and attenders!
We are kicking off a great new season next Thursday with the first talk in our series about CONTACT–that magical and portentous moment when one culture first encounters a different one. We’ll hear from people involved in the contact between China and Africa and between Byzantium and the eastern world, among others–and, next week, about the contact between conquering Rome and conquered Britain. 
The meeting of those two cultures was far more complex than simply victor and vanquished, however, and Dr. Sadie Watson, senior archaeologist and project manager at the Museum of London Archaeology, will be laying that out for us. Her current project is a three-acre dig in central London–the site of the future Bloomberg building–that has so far yielded more than 10,000 artifacts from as early as the 40s CE and revealed the location of a Mithraic temple. The continuing excavation, called “London’s Pompei” by the press, is one of Britain’s most important, and sheds light on all aspects of Roman and British interaction over centuries.
Dr. Watson will be speaking at 6:30 on Thursday, September 18 at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (at the intersection of Binz and Main) at what promises to be a fascinating event. I hope to see droves of people there–and at our following events as well!
Rob Arndt, President
Museum of London
Museum of London Archeology Timber foundation beams from Roman building, found beneath Bloomberg Place, the future headquarters of Bloomberg in London.
A Roman woven straw basket, found preserved within pit. Bloomberg Place, 2013.
A Roman woven straw basket, found preserved within pit. Bloomberg Place, 2013.