The Silk Route Project

The human innovation of trade has had an enormous impact on us. A craze for silk – a delicate yet strong, long-lasting, luxurious fabric – was the impetus for trade between China and the rest of the world.

Our Silk Route project includes events demonstrating the importance of the route and its continuing influence today.

Many of the ethnicities that lived along the Silk Route make their home today in the amazingly diverse city of Houston. As a compliment to our April 6 talk on the Silk Route, we invite you to travel on April 5 to sites of faiths and cultures that were part of these fabled roads.

Your journey begins at Chung Mei Temple where we’ll board a tour bus. Explore Hindu and Buddhist temples , as well as a small Islamic mosque. Discover sacred traditions as cultural guides enlighten you about these beautiful spaces. Enjoy refreshments at the Turquoise Turkish Cultural Center while you tour a beautiful site preserving the many silk road cultures.

Silk Route Project Events

Bus tour on April 5 of sites in Houston with ethnic connections to the Silk Route.

Tour of art and a talk – “Weaving the World Together” – on the Silk Route at 2pm on April 6 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston featuring Dr. Angela Sheng, an expert on silk and the Silk Routes. The tour of art begins at 1:00 pm. Dr. Sheng was featured on the popular PBS show “History Detectives” where she helped solve the mystery of the origin of a beautifully embroidered jacket.

“Ancient Encounters” family event about China on April 12 from 1-4pm at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land.

Please see our website to register for the “Silk Route Faith and Culture” Heritage Excursions Tour or to find out more information about our family event – “Ancient Encounters China”.

There are only eight seats left for our upcoming Silk Route Faith and Culture Tour! Be sure to reserve your seat to see these beautiful spaces.