Welcome Dr. Carolyn Willekes

In an appropriate confluence, as we welcome the “Year of the Horse”, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Carolyn Willekes to Houston for a timely series of events about the domestication of the horse which apparently occurred around 7000 BCE, much earlier than thought. Additionally, in a big surprise to archaeologists and historians, it might have occurred in the Arabic Peninsula.

Dr. Willekes had a busy week of presentations from Jan 14 through the 19, 2014. Events for teachers, a talk for the public, and a talk for families, all at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, helped the public learn more about recent exiting discoveries in Saudi Arabia. Over 530 students at six schools learned more about the Arabic world and evolutionary biology through important archaeological finds.

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These programs paired with “Roads of Arabia”, the stunning exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston featuring many recently discovered items which have never been seen in America. Because of these finds, we must rethink the story of the Middle East.

We’re deeply grateful to Aramco Services Company for generously sponsoring these events and for their sponsorship of the exhibit which contributes so much understand of the world around us.

Here’s a sampling of photos from the week.