AIA Houston at the Chinese Community New Year Festival

One of many visitors to the AIA-Houston booth at the Chinese Community Center New Year Festival

On Saturday, Feb. 5, AIA-Houston set up a booth at the Chinese Community’s New Year Festival and helped usher in the Year of the Rabbit! This was a great way to introduce ourselves to new communities and to introduce more people to the joys of archaeology. The day was cool but sunny and the crowds were out. We had three stations at our booth. I held forth at the rock art station. I showed everybody who stopped by how ancient rock art from around the world had amazing similarities, and invited them all–young and old–to make their own rock art.

Deb Castillo introduced the visitors to Chinese money. Tons of people took a Chinese “coin” with a hole cut out of the middle, and wrote the Chinese character for their age on it. (Some could write a lot more than that!) Then Deb tied it on a bright red ribbon and they could wear it for the rest of the day.

JD Whitney and Becky Lao worked at three dig stations. Our guests could sift through sand and find utensils and bones showing what might be found in a  typical Chinese kitchen years ago. I can’t tell you how enthralled so many of the kids were while playing in the sand and learning about archaeology.

We have plans to do similar activities at other cultural festivals arond the city. Come join us as we bring archaeology to the Houston community!

Kids make their own rock art

Chinese money

Rock art

Chinese kitchen dig